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COMTEK PVS-2 Series Phased Vertical Systems COM-PVS-20-A

Phased Vertical System, PVS-2 Series, 20 Meters, Switch Relay Unit and Control Console, 12 Vdc, Each

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Manufacturer's Part Number: COM-PVS-20-A
Product Line: COMTEK PVS-2 Series Phased Vertical Systems
DXE Part Number: COM-PVS-20-A

Relay Unit Band: 20 meters
Relay Unit Control Cable Conection: Internal
Control Wire Required: 4-conductor
Console Control Cable Connection: External
Relay Unit Width (in.): 6.000 in.
Relay Unit Height (in.): 4.000 in.
Relay Unit Depth (in.): 6.000 in.
Relay Unit Weight: 3.65 lbs.
Control Console Width (in.): 6.375 in.
Control Console Height (in.): 2.375 in.
Control Console Depth (in.): 5.000 in.
Control Console Weight: 1.30 lbs.
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Notes: Mounting bracket extends 4.500 in. below the relay unit.

If you don't have the space for a four-square phased vertical array, then COMTEK PVS-2 Series Phased Vertical Systems are what you have been looking for. When you have two vertical antennas installed in a Northeast-Southwest line and spaced one quarter wavelength apart, two directional patterns and one broadsid/Omni pattern are available at the turn of a switch. Typical directional gain compared to a single antenna is 3 dB with an F/B ratio of 20 dB or better. They require a 50 ohm non-inductive dummy load and COM-CW4 four-conductor line, length-specific. Available in 160, 80, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands, COMTEK PVS-2 Series Phased Vertical Systems have quality components at an affordable price.

Additional features include:

* 3-direction switching includes selectable end-fire and broadside directions
* Switch box operates from 12 Vdc for installation flexibility and emergency operation.
* Typical 18 dB front to back rejection and 3 dB gain
* Rated at 2 kW continuous amateur service duty
* Less than 0.05 dB insertion loss
* Includes a custom in-house wound UNUN and a 90 degree toroid
* Relay system includes MOVs, a COMTEK standard in all models since 1994
* Amphenol silver tip SO-239s and Potter and Brumfield relays


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