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DX Engineering RG-8U PL-259 Low-Loss 50-ohm Coax Cable Assemblies DXE-8UDX006

Coaxial Cable, RG-8/U, 11 AWG Stranded Copper Center, Flex Type I PVC Jacket, PL-259 Ends, 6 ft. Length, Ea.

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Manufacturer's Part Number: DXE-8UDX006
DXE Part Number: DXE-8UDX006

Coaxial Cable Type: RG-8/U
Cable Connector End 1: PL-259
Cable Connector End 2: PL-259
Coaxial Cable Jacket Outside Diameter: 0.405 in.
Coaxial Cable Jacket Material: PVC, Type I
Center Conductor Gauge: 11 AWG
Center Conductor Material: Bare copper
Center Conductor Construction: 7 strands of 21 AWG
Dielectric Material: Gas injected foam polyethylene
Dielectric Outside Diameter: 0.285 in.
Shield 1 Construction: Braided
Shield 1 Material: Bare copper
Shield 1 Percent Coverage: 95-97
Loss Per 100 ft. at 30 MHz: 0.7 dB
Velocity Factor Percentage: 81
Coaxial Cable Length: 6 ft.
UV-Resistant: Yes
Direct Bury: No
Quantity: Sold individually.

Our patented* revolutionary new PL-259 connector and our high quality, low-loss RG-8U coaxial cable were designed to make the new, extra-flexible DX Engineering RG-8U PL-259 Low-Loss 50-ohm Coaxial Cable Assemblies the best RG-8/U cable assemblies available for all HF, VHF and UHF applications.

DX Engineering 8U coax features a super-flexible jacket made with UV-resistant, Type I PVC jacket which is great for all indoor and above-ground outdoor applications. With a large 11 AWG stranded copper center conductor, our 8U DX Series low-loss assemblies are well suited for short interconnections as well as long cable runs in low or high power operations. Our 8U coax cable also features modern, gas-injected foam polyethylene dielectric that cannot absorb moisture and has excellent shielding with minimum 95 percent coverage copper braid. DX Engineering 8U is a new-age cable that far surpasses the capabilities of the moisture collecting foam RG-8/U of 35 years ago. Now regarded in the industry as a top quality low-loss feedline, our 8U Coaxial Cable is custom made for DX Engineering to provide the highest performance with extraordinary flexibility.

DX Engineering RG-8U PL-259 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable Assemblies are terminated with our new, custom-designed, silver-plated brass-bodied DX Engineering PL-259 (UHF male) connectors.
These next generation PL-259 connectors feature:
-Full diameter, full length soldered center pins that snugly fit even worn SO-239s
-Spacious center pin inside diameter that accepts large conductors and allows generous solder flow
-Deep, double knurled threaded shells for secure finger tightening
These new, ultra-high quality PL-259s have all silver-plated brass shells and bodies with center pins securely mounted in PTFE dielectric for exceptional RF characteristics and power handling.

Our 8UDX Series cable assembly PL-259 center pins are hand soldered by trained assembly techs to assure a proper connection. These special PL-259 cable assemblies also feature machine crimped shields, with 360 degrees of complete mechanical and electrical contact for maximum reliability. Every assembly is continuity and Hi-Pot tested and then heat-shrink weather-sealed for the ultimate service longevity. You won't find this level of cable assembly quality anywhere else! DX Engineering RG-8U PL-259 Low-Loss 50-ohm Coaxial Cable Assemblies with our new PL-259 connectors are available only from DX Engineering!

*U.S. Patent D745849


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