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IC-7850/IC-7851 Technical Reference Books

IC-7850/IC-7851 Technical Reference Books

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The IC-7850/IC-7851 Technical Reference Book is a comprehensive resource regarding the IC-7850/IC-7851. As well as giving precise technical information, it illustrates practical know-how and points for successful operation based-on actual user situations. This book is also interesting reading material if you are an IC-7850/IC-7851 owner or even just an HF enthusiast. The over-title of this book is "The Art of Radio Communication," which is ICOM's attitude toward radio design.

Information and discussion items include:

The Design Concept and a Multitude of Features

* The Design Concept (the birth of the IC-7850/51 "Flagship" concept)
* A Multitude of Features (new features and technical innovation)

The IC-7851 is Made Here

* The IC-7851 is Made Here! (A visit to ICOM's Wakayama facility)
* Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines in Wakayama ICOM
* ICOM Narayama Advanced Research Center (ICOM's Think Tank)

Technical Description:

* Pulling Signals Out of the Noise (How the ICOM 7851 Does It)
* Automatic Antenna Selection (The ANT-SW Unit)
* Ultra-stable 10MHz Reference Signal (Why it is SO Stable)
* LO (Advanced Local Oscillator Purity)
* The Receiver: Antenna Through the First Mixer (How Unwanted Signals are Removed)
* The Receiver: First IF Through the AF Stage (Shaping the Bandpass)
* DSP- Customized Digital Signal Processor (The Meaning of DSP)
* High-Power Final Amplifier (The Theory Behind 200 Watts Out)
* The Transmitter (An Ultimate Transmitter Design)
* Advanced Versatile Scope (Not Just a Waterfall)
* IC-7850/IC-7851 Owner's Report (Reports from JA3USA, JR4OZR, K3LR and G4CCZ
* Front Panel Tour (LED and LCD Adjustment)
* Logic Circuitry (Processors in Use)
* Antenna Matching (Protection and SWR Tolerance)
* Regulated Power Source (Producing Clean DC Power)
* Rear Panel Tour (IO for Everything)
* Mechanic Construction (Strength, Durability and Logical Design)
* Remote Control (All About Using It)
* Upgrade Options (Making the Best Better?)
* Connections in Detail (Pinouts You May Want to Know)
* Secure Packaging (and Repacking)

Special Contents:

* An Interview with JA3FA
* Testing the Performance in a Contest (for 30 Continuous Hours)


* Receiver Block Diagram
* Transmitter Block Diagram

These 132 pages are the ultimate source of information for the "How" and "Why" of the world's ultimate transceiver. The information contained within its covers goes beyond the owner's manual to explain and educate. ICOM explains how they approach the creation of leading-edge radio equipment and why it is an art… something beyond the technical ability required.

Whether you own an IC-7850/51 or not, this book is a fascinating insight on ICOM's attitude and reasoning behind communications radio development.

Order your copy of The IC-7850/IC-7851 Technical Reference Book, written by ICOM, from DX Engineering!

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ICOM 7850-51BOOK - IC-7850/IC-7851 Technical Reference Books

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Reference Book, "The Art of Radio Communication, IC-7850/IC-7851 Technical Reference Book


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