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Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers

Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers

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Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers may be used with any straight key, semi-automatic "bug" keys, single lever paddles, and Iambic dual lever "squeeze" paddles.

Why would you use an electronic, microprocessor-based keyer with a straight key or "bug"? Because the key closure and key opening are debounced. This "cleaning up of the input" is especially useful when using a bug type semi-automatic or a straight key with modern, high transfer speed, full break-in rigs.

A convenient front panel stereo phone jack is ready for your paddle. Plus, a separate mono phone jack on the rear panel for your straight key or "BUG" allows two different types of CW keys to be connected at the same time!

Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers feature a front panel speed control that is continuously adjustable over the range of 10 to 40 WPM, and is crystal controlled for high accuracy over the full voltage and temperature range.

Your choice of Mode A or Mode B Iambic keying is just a rear panel switch away. A built-in sidetone generator and speaker with convenient front panel volume and pitch controls make it easy to monitor your sending. Your keyer may also serve as a practice unit for training purposes. Character spacing is rear panel adjustable to provide compensation for transmitters which distort the keying wave shape. Dash weight is rear panel adjustable to provide compensation for equipment that distorts the dash to space ratio.

Separate rear panel outputs for grid block or cathode keying are available, so CW50A keyers work with all tube and solid-state rigs and are powered by either an internal 9V battery or 120V AC adapter (sold separately). The front panel and top cover are finished with a durable powder coating. All needed plugs are included.

CW50A Electronic Keyers have a reed relay mute circuit, which allows the keyers to be used with the Palstar R30A Shortwave Receiver or other receiver when using a separate transmitter. CW50A keyers are even programmable to allow for full or semi break-in when used with a separate transmitter/receiver combo. If a separate receiver is not used, the reed relay becomes available as an additional keying output and is jumper-selectable to provide either a contact closure to ground or a +12Vdc output.

Here are a few more details about Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers:

-- Sidetone Pitch: 500 - 1,000 Hz, front panel adjustable
-- Switch selected Mode A or Mode B Iambic keying
-- Keying Output: positive, negative, and high-speed reed relay
-- Operating Current: 10-50mA, depending on sidetone level

Note: For additional product information, please look at the files under the "Documentation" tab.

Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers may be the most versatile keyers on the market today! Order yours from DX Engineering now!

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Palstar CW50A - Palstar CW50A Electronic Keyers

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Keyer, CW50A, Electronic, Curtis Iambic Type, 12 V dc, Stereo 1/4 in. Female Jack, RCA Phono Jack, Each


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