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MFJ 8100K World Band Receiver Kits

MFJ 8100K World Band Receiver Kits

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With MFJ 8100K World Band Receiver Kits you'll build and enjoy a versatile shortwave receiver that employs a circuit concept that is as classic as the early 1920s. However, these new kits utilize modern engineering that leverages the advanced capabilities of today's electronic components.

These shortwave radio kits are designed to let you listen to a great variety of international broadcasts. You may choose from five different frequency "bands'' so that you can count on hearing shortwave stations at any hour of day or night. Also, these receivers let you hear a generous sampling of ham radio signals (both Morse code "CW'' and voice single-sideband "SSB'' communications), plus many other types of government and commercial transmissions, including WWV, RTTY, packet and much more. You may listen to stations within 75/80, 49, 40, 30, 31, 20, 25, 22, 19, 17, 16, 15 and 13 Meters. These are all covered in the five selectable bands.

Even if you have never worked with electronic parts before, you can successfully build this receiver by carefully following the instructions in the manual. Step by step, it will explain how to build the receiver and how to enjoy it. In no time at all you'll be an active Shortwave Listener (SWL).

MFJ-8100K receiver's designed-in features:

* Significantly reduced regenerative RFI, back through the antenna, due to a carefully designed RF amplifier stage
* Effective RF filtering between the detector and audio sections of the receiver
* Audio output for headphones or speaker
* Simplified L-C tuning; there are 5 band-switch positions but no coil taps or second windings
* Elimination of the antenna trimmer that is so critical in most regenerative receiver designs. Designers replaced the traditional trimmer with an RF gain potentiometer that has little effect on frequency or regeneration level
* A manageable, "tame'' regeneration control circuit. Regeneration begins smoothly and has a comfortable adjustment range
* Good reception of shortwave AM and CW-SSB signals
* Ease of kit-construction for newcomers
* A quality look and feel
* Relatively simple electronic circuits
* No critical alignment requirements
* Low parts count, yet not dependent on proprietary specialty IC's
* Purposeful choice of tuning ranges for SW Listening any time of day

The shortwave bands are very dependent on solar activity. Some bands are good in daytime; others at night. Solar storms may completely quiet shortwave frequencies or cause typically short-range frequencies to span the globe. Learning about shortwave "propagation" is part of the fun and excitement that one of these little radio sets can provide.

Be proud of building your own receiver to get into the shortwave hunt! There's lots of interesting and intriguing stuff in shortwave listening. Order one of these MFJ 8100K World Band Receiver Kits from DX Engineering and listen just like granddad did, only better!

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MFJ MFJ-8100K - MFJ 8100K World Band Receiver Kits

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World Band SWL Receiver Kit, 10 ft. Wire Antenna, 3.51-22 MHz, Volume/RF Gain Control, 2 Earphone Jacks, Each


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