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Sangean ANT-60 Retractable Antennas

Sangean ANT-60 Retractable Antennas

Greatly improve your AM and shortwave reception with one of these Sangean ANT-60 Retractable Antennas. These portable shortwave antennas connect to your radio's external 3.5mm AM antenna jack or to the telescopic antenna with the included antenna-clip adapter.

Because of the antenna clip, these shortwave reel antennas are compatible with all shortwave and world-band radios. When fully extended, these antennas reel out to an amazing 23 ft. length! You may use ANT-60 shortwave-radio antennas indoors or out. They're great for camping, traveling, chasing DX, or just boosting weak stations!

If you like to listen to shortwave, but have always wanted to hear more stations with your portable receiver, just contact DX Engineering for one of these Sangean ANT-60 Retractable Antennas and open your shortwave "door to the world" even wider!

ANT-60 Retractable Antenna features and benefits:

* Greatly improves reception
* Snaps onto existing telescoping antenna
* Plugs into radio's external AM antenna jack (3.5mm mono plug)
* Portable for indoor/outdoor use
* Suitable for all kinds of shortwave radios
* Antenna maximum length: 23 ft.
* Not designed to be used for transmitting

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SANGEAN ANT-60 - Sangean ANT-60 Retractable Antennas

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Antenna, Retractable Wire Type, Shortwave, 23 ft. Length, Each

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