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Loctite Dielectric Grease

Loctite Dielectric Grease

Loctite Dielectric Grease may be used in RF connectors to prevent moisture ingress. Feedlines and connectors will last longer, providing peak performance for many more years with the use of dielectric grease on the threads of RF connectors.

Preventing the effects of moisture is critical in RF feedline connections. Untreated connector threads will oxidize, corrode and seize more quickly if water vapor can enter and collect inside RF connectors. Ultimately, moisture will enter the coaxial cable, promoting contamination, resulting in elevated noise levels and increased signal loss.

Loctite Dielectric Grease, placed into the air space of RF connectors and their threads, will stop the adverse effects of water vapor and water ingress. Avoiding direct application on mating surfaces of connector center pins, dielectric grease is safe to use in the air spaces and threads of RF connectors.

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Loctite 37534 - Loctite Dielectric Grease

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Dielectric Grease, Tube, 0.33 oz., Each

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