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Kenwood TH-D74A Digital Tri-band Handheld Transceivers

Kenwood TH-D74A Digital Tri-band Handheld Transceivers

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Kenwood has already garnered an enviable reputation with the TH-D72A/E handheld APRS® Amateur Radio transceiver. Now Kenwood has raised the bar even further with the new TH-D74A Digital Tri-band Handheld Transceivers!

They have added support for D-STAR®, the digital voice and data protocol developed by the JARL, and enabled simultaneous APRS and D-STAR operation – an industry first. These handhelds offer intuitive operation and rugged IP54/55 weatherproofing. TH-D74A portable transceivers feature built-in GPS, wide-band multi-mode reception, IF filters, DSP equalizer, a transflective TFT color display, Micro-SD memory slot and Bluetooth/USB connectivity. And… there's much more!

Additional TH-D74A features:

* 1000 Alpha Memories
* DTMF Memory
* Built-in 1200/9600 bps TNC
* DSP Voice Processing
* Extended Receive with HF CW/SSB!
* Bluetooth Compliant
* 13.8 VDC Input Jack

These tri-band radios operate on the 144, 220 and 440 MHz bands. Supported modes include: DV / DV Fast data / FM / NFM / WFM / AM (receive). They are equipped with a built-in TNC (1200/9600) and provide APRS (Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System) with an integrated GPS! They also support D-Star… and with superior audio! Receive frequency ranges include: 136-174, 216-260, 410-470 MHz… and a very-wide 0.1-524 MHz general coverage.

Key features:

1. APRS packet-transfer communications for exchange of real-time GPS positional information and messages:
* Color display includes compass with station information (relative distance, heading and speed) or weather conditions (rainfall, temperature & humidity, wind direction/speed, pressure)
* Storage capacity for 100 fixed/mobile/weather stations and objects/items
* Messages exchanged with other APRS stations in real time
* Built-in KISS TNC for managing APRS** on a computer
* Rapid QSY using frequency embedded in beacon

2. D-STAR** for voice/data transmission over digital amateur radio networks
* Simplex, semi-duplex, Zone, and IP Gateway modes for local, wide or worldwide digital communications:
* DV (digital voice) and DV Fast Data mode (transmits data in unused voice frames for transfers that are 3.5 times faster)
* DR (D-STAR Repeater) list downloadable from D-STAR website
* Direct reply following receipt (just press PTT)
* Icon shows repeater availability when kerchunking
* TX/RX history (max. 120 items) for easy recall of parameters for a particular station
* Rapid QSY using information from D-STAR repeater

3. Multi-band, multi-mode reception:
* 0.1 to 524 MHz wide-band continuous reception on Band B (sub-band) FM/NFM/WFM/AM plus SSB/CW!
* Dual frequency reception (VxV, UxU, and VxU)
* Simplified zero-in with variable fine-step (20, 100, 500 and 1000 Hz)
* Ferrite bar antenna for mid- and low-HF bands

4. IF filters to reduce adjacent frequency interference (SSB: 2.2 to 3.0 kHz; CW: 0.3 to 2.0 kHz; AM: 3.0 to 7.5 kHz)

5. IF OUT mode to make IF signal (12 kHz center frequency, 15 kHz bandwidth) available via the Micro-USB port

6. High-performance audio equalizer with DSP

Other features include:
* Color 1.74 in. (240 x 180 pixel) transflective TFT display for high visibility indoors and outdoors
* Flat low-profile key tops
* Built-in GPS (Auto Clock Setting) with high-sensitivity patch antenna to track GPS signals from vehicle dashboard
* GPS Logger mode
* Bluetooth® (HSP/SPP)
* Micro-SD/SDHC slot
* Micro-USB jack
* Free downloadable PC software: MCP-D74 memory control program, ARFC-D74 for frequency management, etc.

Note: For additional information, please look at the files under the "Documentation" tab.

** APRS is a registered trademark of Mr. Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) is a digital protocol developed by JARL (Japan Amateur Radio League).

Do you want a truly full-featured tri-band HT? Look no further than Kenwood TH-D74A Digital Tri-band Handheld Transceivers from DX Engineering!

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Kenwood TH-D74A - Kenwood TH-D74A Digital Tri-band Handheld Transceivers

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Transceiver, Handheld, Tri-Band, 144/220/430 MHz, APRS, GPS, D-STAR, Bluetooth Compliant, Micro-USB, Each


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