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Showcase Entry

AJ8W - CL6 WINNER Showcase

Charles Nowak
Wyoming, MI USA

A 10 meter vertical mounted upon a DX Engineering Polymer Element-to-Mast plate, 6 DX Engineering U-bolt SAD-series Saddle Clamps, 2 DX Engineering V-bolt CAVS-series Saddle Clamps, and DX Engineering, two DXE ECL-series Stainless Steel band clamps. This can be quickly constructed and erected for Field Day, or permanently mounted on a mast at home. The polymer plate is quickly and easily drilled to accommodate the U-bolt clamps which are safe and secure because they grip around the tubing, and not just a one or two points like other clamps sold by other entities. You can use a DX Engineering DXE-8X19-RT 19" Pigtail Base-to-PL-259 adapter to connect coax to the radiating elements. Best of all, all these parts are available from DX-Engineering - your one-stop antenna parts source. The helpful support team is a bonus. Thanks. / AJ8W /

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