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Gordon, K1GG

Dear folks at DX Engineering,

I have made purchased with DX Engineering since the company began. I have never been disappointed in the service or quality of products. Especially your antenna parts and accessories. I enjoy working on antennas and your selection and variety of insulators, clamps, etc. are well thought out. Your sales reps are always very helpful answering my questions. Great company, so glad you are there.

Thanks for the great products and service!

Gordon, K1GG

PS– I received two boxes of parts and aluminum tubing yesterday, complete and well packaged. Couldn't be happier.

Jack, WQ4Y

Just what I needed,right price,great shipping.keep up the great work. Jack WQ4Y

Tom, AC4TB

I had been meaning to send an email regarding my experience with your company. I can sum up my thoughts with one 3 letter word, WOW!!! Most of my career has been in retail management/marketing so I am very much in tune with customer service. The professional and highly functional/manageable web site of yours is a template that others should follow. The speed in which orders are first acknowledged and then followed up with shipping times and methods are outstanding. The speed in which orders are filled and out your door on their way is best I have ever experienced. Your communication is above all others. I have been in-active for some time on the airwaves and am just now getting my shack powered up. I am sure I will be in need of other items which I will look to you first. Some others may try to build business off price points only, but as someone gave me advice many years ago, "have a fair price, quality products and services, look your customer in the eye and tell them you promise to do what you say you are gonna do". As said before, WOW!! And thank you. Tom Bott AC4TB

John, W2YR

Just wanted to let you guys know that the matching coil DXE-VMN-1 worked quite well with my 1/4 wave vertical wire antenna for 80 meters. I had some matching problems using toroid transformers (un-un) to match the 20 ohm feed impedance and once I set up the DXE-VMN-1 with my antenna analyzer, the antenna matched at 1:1 SWR across a 150 Khz 2:1 SWR span.-- John, W2YR


I haven't had a chance to incorporate the balun in my several antennas yet but you notice I keep coming back to order products from DX Engineering since 2013 when I got into Ham radio I can rely on your products and prompt service. Roger

Les, W8MSP

Just a note to say I purchased a Coax Crimp kit at Dayton Friday. Great service and you were out of connectors the gentlemen shipped them to my house here in Michigan and I received them Saturday! Never expected Saturday delivery. Truly impressed, I will order everything from you from now on. HRO who? Gigaparts Who? Awesome Thanks, Les W8MSP Glad to see you take the empty space left by AES. I wish you great success but don't think you'll need any luck, you have a great business model and Know what's important.


Fellow DXer's, Your PL-259 connectors are top notch in my book and nicely priced! They solder up very nicely! I'll buy yours over Amphenol any day. Ron-WB3LHD


Good cable for use in matching and phasing. Copper braid sheild is easy to solder unlike the aluminum sheilded CATV stuff. This 75 ohm cable is not easy to find these days ans I hope that DXE will continue to offer it.

Benny, K5BJM

"I have bought several items from DX engineering and have been not only satisfied but very impressed with your quality! I wish there were more company's that cared about their service and or quality as you do. Thanks for being an EXCELLENT example of what Quality should be like!" --Benny, K5BJM

Scott , KG4WEL

"Always superb technical help, customer service and follow-up. I recommend DX Engineering to everyone I know and only order from DX Engineering for the RF type products you carry. All the best 73," --Scott , KG4WEL

Results 1 - 10 of 19

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